Protect Your Visa Card Online

Your Visa Card has been pre-enrolled in "Verified by Visa" to help protect against unauthorized use online - at no additional cost.

Before continuing, please read the Regulations & Terms of use (see link below) for e-commerce. By clicking Continue you agree with the Regulations & Terms of use.

Once your card is activated, your Visa card issuer will ask for your "Verified by Visa" password whenever your card is used at participating online stores.

In order to activate your card, you have to know your initial password, which is your ING Bank customer code, followed by the last three (3) digits for your Personal ID number .

Customer Code: 123456
Personal ID:2671011100210
Initial Password: 123456210

If you don't know your initial password or your card number, or you are not sure, click "Do not activate now", and contact ING Bank for confirmation.


By clicking Continue, you agree to these Regulations & Terms of use