Regulations and Terms of Use Verified by Visa

E-commerce 3D Secure Regulations and Terms of Use

In order to activate the e-commerce 3D Secure service (hereinafter referred to as „3D Secure Service”) you must read and agree to the present "3D Secure Service Regulations and Terms of Use” (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations and Terms of Use”). By doing so, you agree to having fully understood the Regulations and Terms of Use, and ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam Bucharest Branch (hereinafter referred to as “ING Bank”), Visa International and MasterCard cannot be held responsible for any potential damage generated by the failure to observe the rules mentioned above.

1. Acceptance rules:
(a) ING Bank supplies the 3D Secure service which includes the possibility to perform electronic commerce trading transactions (on the Internet) under strict security conditions only according to the provisions set under the present Regulations and Terms of Use. These Regulations and Terms of Use can be altered from time to time, following to notify you on such alterations by ING Bank webpage, Similarly, using you have permanent access to the latest version of Regulations and Terms of Use. Transactions made by means of 3D Secure Service are under the incidence of the latest version of Regulations and Terms of Use.
(b) 3D Secure Service is supplied by ING Bank with secure means Verified by Visa (Visa International standard for 3-D Secure) and MasterCard Secure Code (MasterCard International standard for 3-D Secure).
(c) You admit that generating the access password and the use of 3D Secure Service represent your express acceptance of Regulations and Terms of Use.
(d) ING Bank, Visa International and MasterCard reserve the right to modify, improve or interrupt the supply of this service without any prior notifications.
(e) On ING Bank’s express demand, you agree to sign a non-electronic (paper-printed) version of such Regulations and Terms of Use.

2. Description of 3D Secure Service
(a) 3D Secure Service offers you a security standard for e-commerce transactions including the latest technology in this field, thus decreasing the chances for Internet fraud. In order to activate this service, you need to supply personal data online and establish a set of identification data (User code / Password) to be used subsequently in order to confirm your identity when making e-commerce transactions. Information supplied by you shall not be disclosed to Internet traders.
(b) 3D Secure Service can be used exclusively on websites supporting 3D Secure standards, presenting "MasterCard SecureCode" and/or "Verified by Visa" logos.

3. Obligations generated by the activation of 3D Secure service
When activating this service:
(a) you authorize ING Bank to collect your personal data and information on your cards and use such data according to the provisions set under the present Regulations and Terms of Use and the legislation in force.
(b) you certify the accuracy and truthfulness of supplied data and assure ING Bank that you shall promptly notify any modification thereof; should it be discovered that personal data is false, inaccurate, obsolete or incomplete, ING Bank reserves the right to suspend your access to this service at any moment.

4. Activation of 3D Secure Service
(a) In order to activate the 3D Secure Service offered by ING Bank you must supply certain information which will allow the verification of your identity against the existing data in our database, in order to determine whether you are the real holder of the account used to make payments for e-commerce transactions or whether you are entitled to use the cards enrolled for this service.
(b) ING Bank reserves the right to refuse the activation of this service should you fail to supply information necessary to check your identity. You also guarantee that the information supplied is accurate and true and that you are entitled to use the cards enrolled for this service.
(c) For further details regarding the 3D Secure Service and the e-commerce transactions or should you require clarifications regarding the activation of 3D Secure Service, please access the ING Bank webpage,, or call 021 402 83 94, Monday to Sunday between 07:00 – 23:00.

5. Confidentiality
(a) Personal data supplied when enrolling shall not be disclosed to Internet traders, under no circumstances.
(b) Adhering to these Regulations and Terms of Use you allow ING Bank to use your personal data in order to check your identity during internet transactions and disclose such information only to competent authorities, in exceptional situations, as stipulated by the law.
(c) Should there be a breach in the confidentiality of your personal data (card number, expiry date, CNP, original password) you must notify ING Bank by calling 021 402 85 99, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and block your card until the settlement of such issues.

6. Access password security
(a) The access password established when activating the 3D Secure Service is known only by you. Hence, you must protect the confidentiality of the password and identification data used in order to perform internet transactions, being fully responsible in this respect.
(b) You undertake to promptly notify ING Bank in case you have any suspicions regarding the password confidentiality and the internet use thereof. You also accept not to divulge, under any circumstances, information related to your password and identification data. In this respect, you understand that ING Bank, Visa and MasterCard are not to be held liable for any damages which may be generated by your failure to observe these Regulations and Terms of Use.
(c) Before supplying any identification data in order to make an internet payment, you must check the authenticity of the payment website, following at least: (i) display of “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard SecureCode” logos; (ii) security certificates for pages requiring such data; (iii) display of welcoming messages related to 3D Secure ING Bank, established by you when activating the service.

7. Prohibitions
The following are prohibited:
(a) The substitution of another person or entity using the 3D Secure Service or holding a card issued by ING Bank.
(b) The transmission by any means of virus-type programs meant to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any hard/soft component (communications included) of the accessed service.
(c) Spamming, by any means, and the invasion of Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code websites accessed.
(d) Modification, adaptation, decompiling or disassembling, sub-licensing, translation, sale of any part of 3D Secure Service.
(e) Deletion of any notification regarding property rights (copyright, trademark) encountered when accessing such service.
(f) Use of any means (search applications, devices, processes) to replicate or reproduce the navigation structure, presentation and contents of websites displaying Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code brand logos.
(g) Interruption of access for other users of this service to servers or networks connected hereto.
(h) Failure to observe the present Regulations and Terms of Use and procedures specific to 3D Secure Service, in general, or any network connected hereto.
(i) Intentional or unintentional breach of any local, national or international regulation and requirements specified by Visa and MasterCard for the use of this service.

8. Responsibility
(a) You are directly responsible for the confidentiality of your password and identification data, implicitly for e-commerce transactions made by accessing the 3D Secure Service.
(b) ING Bank cannot be held responsible for: (i) modification, suspension or any interruptions in the service supply due to causes outside the will of ING Bank; (ii) computer malfunctions or phone service interruptions occurred during e-commerce transactions; (iii) any potential damages incurred by your equipment being infected with viruses during transactions.
(c) Payments signed with 3-D Secure password are irrevocable and cannot be disputed, the cancellation thereof and the settlement of any issues being possible only by mutual agreement with the payment beneficiary.

9. Service interruption
(a) For your own protection, ING Bank reserves the right to temporarily or permanently disable your access to this service.
(b) Your responsibility regarding transactions already performed shall not be modified.
(c) For any further details or requests regarding 3D Secure Service, please call 021 402 83 94, Monday to Sunday between 07:00 – 23:00

10. Relationship with traders
(a) You enjoy complete freedom in buying goods/services from the Internet by accessing this service. However, correspondence with selected traders, participation in online promotions, payment and delivery of purchased goods/services, any other conditions and guarantees afferent thereto being solely determined by your relationship with the trader. ING Bank, Visa International, Mastercard cannot be held responsible under any form for any potential damages incurred following your direct relationship with traders.
(b) You fully understand that the use of the service does not imply in any way that ING Bank, Visa International, MasterCard recommend any internet trader or guarantee the quality of goods/services of such trader.
(c) Any dispute regarding the trader’s failure to observe the payment terms, delivery conditions, quality of purchased goods/services can be settled exclusively between you and the respective trader. In this respect, you must collect as much information on the trader as possible and save on your computer the page including the proof of transaction, delivery terms, transaction details and correspondence between you and the trader, etc.

11. Property rights
With these Regulations and Terms of Use you acknowledge and agree that:
(a) The 3D Secure Service contains information protected under the intellectual property law and other applicable laws.
(b) ING Bank offers you a non-exclusive license of utilization for the current 3D Secure Service and improvements to be added from time to time, according to the present Regulations and Terms of Use.
(c) You undertake not to copy, alter nor use in any way the ING Bank trading brands (property of ING Bank), 3D Secure (property of Visa International and MasterCard International) and the logos, products and names associated with this service.

12. General rules
(a) By accepting these Regulations and Terms of Use you admit that you are of the legal age to observe the payment obligations arising out of the use of this service.
(b) These Regulations and Terms of Use wholly represent the contract between you and ING BANK in order to access the 3D Secure Service.

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